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Hi Guys,

We are going to make Janya as a cool and coolest company and no we are not gonna turn the AC’s to 18. We are going to implement these perks for all our team members across all locations.

1. TT and Pool table will available.

2. Daily breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided. And it's free.

3. Free gym membership

4. Fridge stocked with snacks

5. Two hours of free housecleaning services a month

6. Unlimited free alcohol for Friday afternoons and after-hour events.

7. A designated nap room to catch some “Z’s.”

8. Special screenings of blockbuster movies.

9. A free laundry service, so you never have to wash and fold your own clothing.

10. 100% remote arrangements. Completely flexible work day. No office, no hours.

11. No Dress code - wear anything you want.