Increasing productivity by developing customRPO programs since 2004.


Recruitment Process outsourcing is a involving and innovating process. At Janya IT Technologies, we are passionate about recruiting and are well equipped to guide a holistic recruitment process. Allow our expert team to act as a partner in fulfilling your recruitment needs.

By allowing Janya IT Technologies to develop a custom-designed recruitment process outsourcing program for your company, you will be able to get the best out of your teams and optimize on the revenue flows. We develop innovative, effective and technology driven Recruitment Processes.


Time, budgets, expenses and billings

Right People

Find the right talent for the job


Productivity and efficiency of all teams

Benefits to you for outsourcing RPO

Align all your recruitment needs with our straightforward and effective approach

Evolved Recruitment Process

We use innovative methods throughout the recruitment cycle to improve your processes

Expert Recruitment Team

Janya’s experienced team understands different domains, prepares solutions and efficiently handles challenges

Save Cost & Time

Eliminate hefty research costs in building a customized recruitment team


Our recruitment processes are driven by the latest technology to handle your most complex requirements

Improving your Recruitment Process

Experience the range of outsourced recruitment activities

Hire Global Talent

Janya has the global bandwidth and team to source and attract global talent for IT and non-IT jobs.

Payroll processing

In-house payroll management technology that can accommodate simple and complex payroll processes compliant with both US and Indian standards.

Technology support

If you have projects that require agile technology and support, we offer both the team and expertise to implement it.

Project Management

Janya provides comprehensive know-how in their management of technical or recruitment projects.

Cost & Risk Assessment

Janya’s exclusive services involve assessing loopholes and recommending safety measures to optimize costs and reduce risks.

Compliance & Candidate Evaluation

Janya ensures that candidate evaluation and recruitment is compliant to relevant HR laws.

Employer Branding

Janya prepares customized protocol to guarantee your company consistent branding.