Pioneered by IT, we at Janya IT Technologies focus on 360 degreesolutions that enable you to achieve better business objectives.


Pioneered by IT, we at Janya IT Technologies focus on 360 degree solutions that enable you to achieve better business objectives.


Mobile App Development

In response to the global increase in professional and personal mobile usage, Janya IT Technologies delivers expert mobile application development services that focus on the user’s capabilities.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Janya IT Technologies helps you improve the speed, scale and agility of your data management through its data warehousing solutions. We aim to help you lessen data movement and preparation and increase user-friendliness and ease of access.

Cloud Solutions

Harness the flexibility and on-demand capabilities of cloud computing with Janya IT Technologies comprehensive cloud solutions service.

E Learning

Janya IT Technologies affirms a proven record of achievement in implementing successful E learning solutions that keep pace with shifts in format compatibilities.

HCM Solutions

Our goal is to facilitate recruitment in organisations by acting in collaboration with existing HR departments, without affecting their current infrastructures.

Testing Solutions

At Janya IT Technologies, we recognise that thoughtful, strategic testing services bring about the results desired by organisations. Our testing services ensure your products and applications are developed on time and in readiness for distribution.


We believe in making impact by improving performance of your organization with reliable business insights, creative thinking, design and latest technology.

    We at Janya IT Technologies believe growth never stops!

    Explore the products, solutions and services that will help to transform your business.

      We share knowledge, ideas and ambitions openly,because none of us alone is as smart as all of us together.