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Harness the flexibility and on-demand capabilities of cloud computing with Janya IT Technologies comprehensive cloud solutions service. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience in implementing cloud solutions for the finance, banking, construction and retail industries.

Janya IT Technologies offers advice on suitable cloud applications for your business needs and provides you with the support of a comprehensive cloud plan.


Janya IT Technologies’s innovative cloud solutions service accelerates and simplifies the general cloud experience.


Your applications to the cloud


Your cloud app management


Services to suit your business needs

Benefits to your Organization

With the support of Janya IT Technologies expertise in implementing your business vision, your cloud environment will offer:

Ease of access

Employ the on-demand IT services offered by cloud solutions.


Promote accessibility and agility in your business environment.

Increased productivity

Accelerate computing access for general users.


Reduce the costs of operations such as IT system administration tasks.

Enhanced flexibility

Allow your business to adapt to various independent locations.


Remain open to innovative business requirements.

Knowledge production

Business owners and IT personnel can increase their knowledge of cloud strategy development, host identification, payment model, vendor selection and cloud architecture development.