Thoughtful, strategic testing solutions that ensurethat your products and applications are developed on time & ready.

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At Janya IT Technologies, we recognise that thoughtful, strategic testing services bring about the results desired by organisations.


Our testing services ensure your products and applications are developed on time and in readiness for distribution.

  • Quality assurance
  • Product engineering testing
  • Enterprise application testing
  • API and web service testing
  • Digital and mobility testing

Hassle Free

Reduce risks and defects in all products


Employ strict standards on testing to ensure accuracy


Customized testing solutions for all your products & applications

Global Standards

For all phases of testing & test developments

Benefits to your Organization

Janya employs a three-tiered approach to our testing services, encompassing innovation, process and capability to provide your organisation with the following benefits:

Global Standards

Test your products against the latest global standards.

Accelerate your business

Reduce time between the testing of your product and its to-market expectancy.

Saves Cost

Reduce costs knowing that your product has been stringently tested by Janya IT Technologies.

Accelerate Time to Business Value

Rapidly create & test functional, line-of-business and service domain applications & products.